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Thats totally sour man

Do you ever miss that feeling of your eyes watering and that need to screw up your face well you have come to the right blog!
Casey T

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

War Heads

You know I have been looking for it and now I have found it. Sooo bloody excited and holly hell they didn’t let me down.

My lolly obsessed friend used to test herself against the all o mighty, war head. She would stuff as many as she could into her mouth at one time to see how long she could last. In the end after attempting this a number of times the insides of her cheeks would peel, what a physco, she is i know and I'm her best friend.

If you haven’t tried a warhead they are the size of a boiled lolly and have a covering of this cloudy white stuff –this is sour.
If you haven’t tried one you need to they’re great. I must admit.

I even thought my eyes where twitching I’m probably a tuff marker.

My rating: 8.5/10

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Snot Shots

Now, when you see the packaging you would wonder why I even wanted to put these in my mouth. It has pictures of these half man half insect people with tons of green snot flowing from there noses and this is what the company is pitching, to us, to eat….. Yummy!

This is sour tutti fruity flavoured bubble gum once you open the packet its filled with little green rocks that are a representation of snot.

I tried and was disappointed the gum had no flavour and even more to my disappointment no sour goodness at all!

Actually to be quite honest now I think this is probably the worst sour lolly I have trialed.

But if you get really impressed by snot coming dripping from a weird creatures nose and you can purchase yourself a t-shirt!!

My rating 1/10

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Zombie Chews

These zombie chews come in flavours blueberry and strawberry; I chose strawberry. I’m a girl, gotta choose pink!

I purchased this lolly from Pure Sweet lolly shop in wagga. They had heaps of confectionary but only a very small variety of sour stuff, disappointing considering that it’s the only store solely selling confectionary goods.

Anyways I thought that these where quite good they where kinda like a toffee apple, red skin you know, something like that. But it had a sour sherbertie powder in the centre. If you eat this on its own it’s even better!! The candy around the outside really takes the edge of the sour tang, if you know what I mean.

I have bought something else from Pure Sweet and the same company (as the zombie chews) but I will fill you in the goss, tomorrow hey!

My rating: 5/10

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Now you have all heard of the famous Pez dispenser hey!
I love the dispenser but i am not that keen on the lolly itself. I actually have a friend that collects them, same chick who got me addicted to sour lollies! Dam her!!

Yeah so anyway I was wondering about the great complex of Kmart and saw a Pez stand and whilst admiring all the new dispensers, I noticed Sour Pez. By the way, the dispenses are fruit pulling sour faces quite cute, indeed!

Bugger, they don’t taste any better and to be harsh they are not that much sourer at all but if you want to get picky blue definately wins the race

Umm tricky, I think.

My rating: 2.5/10

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Allens Sour Worms

I thought that I would attempt the supermarket again and I know the last thing I bought from there was really unsourie but I thought I would take that risk.
And wasn’t that a mistake!!

Now I love Allens lollies they are delish but these were so shit! I purchased ‘Allens Sour Worms’ I really should have learnt from the time before hand with the sour squirms (from the Natural Confectionary Co.) but hey no great loss I like eating anyway!

Ok these worms are sectioned into three colours I liked the red, orange and yellow combo the best I have something against green flavoured lollies… sooo gross
These had no sour abilities at all. I am starting to get a bit cranky…. I’m trying to track down War Heads they are suppose to be really good but I haven’t come across the right corner store yet.

Something totally off the topic but you know how we call the corner stores a corner store or milk bar, New Zealanders call it a dairy funny hey…. Well I thought so.

Anyway the rating:

Allens Sour Worms: 1/10


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